Home Infusion Therapy

We know how essential infusion therapy is for individuals suffering from a variety of complex medical conditions.

patient and doctorWe provide intravenous therapy outside of hospitals and other health care institutions. When this treatment is your only option, you’d be happy to know that we can offer it to you at home, surrounded by a solid support system who can further enhance the effects of the procedure. At home, or in an infusion suite, one is able to feel safety, comfort, and security.

We aim to enhance the quality of life of our patients by providing them better healthcare access through this form of specialized care. You never would have thought such a technologically-advanced level of care would now be made possible at home. Well, you better believe it, because now, it truly is!

You and your family can now gain access to superior quality home infusion therapy right here in Maywood, New Jersey. Vencer Vital Care, Inc. has made that a possibility for members of our community. Get in touch with us today by calling 888-554-9554 or sending a message to jbahri@yahoo.com, mdegig1777@aol.com or pharmacy@vcinfusion.com.

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